"Also referred to as retargeting, this marketing tactics allows you to place advertisements in front of users who have taken previous actions that you determine trigger a further ad to be shown."
How Remarketing Can Affect Your Business
Remarketing can amplify the results of a marketing campaigns by creating more marketing efforts based on the specific actions taken by the end user. We know that sales are not generated on the first point of contact, so why should our marketing efforts be any different? For instance, a user goes onto your website and leaves, we can place your ad on other sites or on other platforms promoting your business in another fashion.
Who is Remarketing For?
If you are spending money at all on marketing efforts then you should consider remarketing and retargeting marketing options. With this in place, it will allow your business to get back in front of potential customers who may have not been ready to purchase or may have forgotten about you. Maximize your ad dollar, with simple remarketing tactics done right!
What Are The Benefits of Remarketing?
Remarketing is a cost efficient way to automate the process of getting in front of people who could have been ideal buyers of your products or services. Think of it like this, top of the funnel marketing is made to find people who are interested in your business out of large groups, but remarketing is only sent out to those who have previously interacted with you online!
How We Perform Remarketing / Retargeting
Top of Funnel
In order to maximize the current advertising methods being performed we need to understand what type of marketing efforts are being done and how we can correlate or alter the message to increase potential conversions.
Middle of Funnel
Serving ads to an audience who have been predefined based on a previous interaction with you allows us to place the remarketing ads back in front of users who have perform exact actions that we indicate.
Bottom of Funnel
Once we analyze the amount of people we have gotten back in front of the goal is to convert these users in a more effective fashion, reducing cost per conversion and increasing the ability to convert them, as they know who you are.
Data & Analysis
Finally, measuring the success of the remarketing campaigns will allow us to understand a few different things including how ell our top level targeting is, how much of an increase in conversions we have made and more!
What Makes Our Strategies Unique?
Our ability to segment traffic and lead flow while gaining thorough analytical data is highly effective and rarely seen in the industry. We typically see this are of marketing left untouched, leaving a lot of time and money on the table for a business. Allow us to help you implement smart marketing and sales techniques into your business from day one.
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