Pay Per Click Advertising
"Also referred to as cost per click, is an internet advertising strategy used to drive traffic to a website, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked."
How PPC Can Affect Your Business
Pay Per Click strategies are often used in order to position your business in front of viable traffic from people seeking your exact products or services, without having to wait for seo to take its course. We typically see ppc tactics being used for short term results, allowing you to leverage the traffic driven by third part entities. Hands down, PPC is a powerful way to get your business in front of paying customers in a fast and effecient time frame.
Who is PPC For?
Pay Per Click advertising is for anyone looking to get in front of the right audience while paying to leverage the traffic from a search engine or site. PPC is often performed by people looking to gain business in a particular area of interest, specific keywords that drive real customers, or any other defined marketplace. In simple terms, anyone looking for a more targeted traffic.
What Are The Benefits of PPC?
The benefits of PPC are vast, but they largely depend on the market you're business is in. Some of the major benefits to pay per click advertising is that you earn top positioning on search engines, you can target specific people to see your advertisement, get faster results, get more qualified traffic and leads, generate thorough analytics, and much more!
How We Perform Paid Per Click Advertising
To start, we must understand the current state of the market that the ads will be perofrming in. Understanding the cost, the competition, the amount of traffic, market performance and obstacles will help us create a strategy and align proper expectations.
Landing Page
We firmly believe that driving people to an online page that is specific to the exact search query, will dramatically impact the results of the campaign. After all, we know what they are searching so leveraging this can help your ads perform better.
Building The Ad
After create the infrastructure for where the traffic will be going, it's time to create the ad copy and create elements to get your market to click on the ad desired. We customize this format to make an engaging offer that makes sense against competitors.
Lastly, we ensure that the targeting is to par for your determined key words, geographical area, competitors, etc. With this in mind we also make it a point to place proper tracking metrics within the campaign to ensure that we gain as much analytical info as possible!
What Makes Our Strategies Unique?
When executing pay per click marketing tactics we understand that there is a lot on the table. We always look at the bigger picture in order to understand the main goal of the campaign. With this in mind, we tend to see search engine marketing in two parts; seo for long term potential growth and ppc for short term potential growth. While leveraging a ppc campaign with Mass Inbound you have an active account manager optimizing the performance of your campaigns on a frequent basis. This is important because we ensure that search terms align properly with your product and services, maximizing every dollar spent. We go the extra mile, in making sure that traffic, ads, landing pages/websites and branding are optimized and working congruently to serve the correct message to the market, allowing you to earn real, tangible results.
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