Marketing & Sales Automation

"The process of dynamically guiding traditionally manual work efforts into automatic sequences with the use of technology that function instantaneously"
How Automation Can Affect Your Business
Automation can help your business grow at a faster rate with the execution of marketing automation and sales automation techniques. Start sales conversations as soon as leads are captured, Generate dynamic reporting, get more customer reviews and decrease marketing hurdles or costs!
Who is Automation For?
Typically you would say that only big businesses and operations are in need of these types of things, but that's just not the case! We integrate automation into marketing and sales processes so that your marketing efforts are maximizing potential! For instance, let's say you're a plumber and you are running Good ad campaigns along with Facebook ad campaigns. Woah, this can be a lot to manage while working out in the field! We integrate automation sequences so that you're leads are email, texted, etc. straight to your phone so that you can manage your campaigns without a delay!
What Are The Benefits of Automation?
Marketing automation allows your variety of marketing efforts to be guided towards one general area. The days of having to manage all of your campaigns from different places are gone! Sales automation can help your sales efforts be maximized by reducing the amount of time it takes to contact an inbound lead. Combining the power of both automation processes, will allow your marketing efforts in be worth every penny, while providing your sales team with the most potential. Increase revenue, reduce lag time, increase velocity, increase growth and much more with automation!
How We Perform Automation Processes
Find the Problem
Identifying where automation can be used to enhance systems and procedures will allow us to pin point how the process can be affected overall. This will also allow us to formulate a plan and create a hypothesis to a solution.
Identifying all of the angles in which a potential can find you will allow us to cover all of the bases when creating the automation process.
Investigating how the current sales process is formed and how it can become more effective is only a part of the process. Generating a fine tuned sales process is the goal!
Make The Solution
Tieing the entire system together so that it is a fluid circle of events is our end goal when leveraging automation to aggregate marketing efforts into one place while reduce lag time and increasing efficiency. It's time to increase productivity!
What Makes Our Strategies Unique?
The process of generating leads, increasing sales, and maximizing the potential opportunity when selecting an agency tends to be multiple different moving parts. we aim to bring everything together with the use of modern technology. Leverage the power of intelligence and take your marketing and sales abilities to new heights with Mass Inbound by your side to help assist you during the process.
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