Maps Listing SEO
"Reffered to as a local listing, or google my business listing, this search engine optimization tactic allows your business to appear before other local business while also furthering the potential reach of nearby customer."
How Maps Listing SEO Can Affect Your Business
Your local listing on search engines is becoming excessively more important as we continue to progress forward. Today, we're seeing a staggering number of results coming from these listings alone, if your business provides products or services within a particular area. By focusing on improving your local listing's rankings this can ensure that your business will get more phone calls, website visits, store visits and general online traffic by correctly positioning your brand above all others.
Who is Maps Listing SEO For?
If you perform business in a particular area or region where you service customers at their own home like a roofing company, pool company, etc. or you have a physical retail location then this is for you! Every niche has competition, but how you rank against the competition in the maps will directly impact the amount of traffic and revenue that your produce.
What Are The Benefits of Maps Listings & Better Rankings??
Simply put, the easier you are to be found, the more likely you will acquire that business. We typically see the bulk of the traffic go to the top 3 listing results, also known as the three pack. Rank higher in maps and you'll be sure to get more call, site traffic, store visits, customers and revenue!
How We Perform Maps Listing SEO
The analysis that is composed for a GMB maps listing is rigorous and we mostly dive into this in order to see what types of challenges we are dealing with from the start. The in depth audit will analyze any google updates hurting our listing as well as brand dilution and much more.
We typically see that the listings are not optimized to help search engines understand what the primary business is and where the business services. In order to make this easier for search engines we start by optimizing every piece of the listing itself.
Entity Building
Branding your business online is important, but even more so when it comes to search engines. In order to really prove the the big guys that your business is an authority we create online entities that strengthen the brand name, services and geography.
Off Page SEO
Even though this is a listing, the power of your site still does play a major role when ranking in maps. Here we continue to build off page strategies that power your site enough to push the listing and prove that your the best business within the niche and general area.
What Makes Our Strategies Unique?
We have spent a vast amount of time investigating and becoming familiar with the best tactics to lift rankings in what we believe is the most important part of search results today. We aim to bring you the very best work driven by industry professionals who live, breathe and eat SEO. With that said, we're serious about maps listing and we believe that it will make a major impact on your business today.
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