Facebook Advertising
"The process of using a social media based platform for marketing measures that allow targeting based on geography, profile, age, interests, events and more."
How Facebook Ads Can Affect Your Business
Facebook has become one of the hottest places to perform advertising across the world. The population spends hours per day scrolling through social media networks and consuming information that can potentially help you acquire more sales. With the ability to put your business in front of more people, it has become even more affordable than traditional marketing tactics. Grow your business with the power of Facebook!
Who Are Facebook Ads For?
The ability to present your business to a defined market place has never been so accessible to businesses before. Traditionally, advertising was expensive and was not as frequent for small businesses. Today every business has the opportunity to present itself to the market, with platforms like Facebook. If your business provides product or services to a market place, you too can leverage this platform and tap into more opportunity than ever before.
What is The Benefits of Facebook Advertising?
Facebook advertising has a wide range of benefits including increasing brand awareness, increasing lead generation, promoting sales, enhancing brand value, growing an email list, decreasing adverting costs, optimizing adverting metrics for the overall business and much more! With the right team of professional advertisers by your side, there is massive potential!
How We Perform Facebook Advertising
Defining our main goal and understanding what you're business is looking to do with Facebook is our first step. Mass Inbound has a very transparent relationship with our active campaigns.
Ad Copy
Creating the ad copy allows us to align a current offer based on market competition and intriguing offers that entice a population to interact with your business during the campaign.
Ad Creative
Just as important and the copy, the creative elements of the campaign capture the attention of the end user. this can be done in a variety of ways which will align with the style of the campaign from the start.
In order to truly maximize the opportunity on Facebook and social networks as a whole, it is important to and execute strategic targeting metrics that help your business reach an qualified audience.
If it has numbers, we measure it! In order to truly understand what Facebook is doing to affect the growth of your business, we implement tactics that help track results and provide tremendous reporting metrics as we progress.
Testing & Optimizing
With all of the data that we obtain, we use this information to then create more compelling campaigns that put ads in front of the best opportunity to reaching our end goal.
Landing Pages
In most cases we see that businesses tend to bring consumers to their main website page, which can be effective at times, but not always. Determined by the strategy of the campaign, it is likely that we will build targeted landing pages.
What Makes Our Strategies Unique?
Our professional team of facebook marketing experts at Mass Inbound have created a proven system to increasing brand exposure and lead generation for any business. We even make it easier for you as a business owner with autmated lead generation sequences that bring Facebook leads right to your email or cell phone. Capture a lead, contact the lead and start your sales process in minutes with Mass Inbound's hyper focused marketing to sales campaign efforts!
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