Content Marketing
"A process in marketing that involves the creation and sharing of material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand, but is intended to educate or generate attention around the products or services."
How Content Marketing Can Affect Your Business
Content marketing isn't all that easy. After all, when you're in a market for so long it sometimes feels that everyone should know about your products and services! This isn't always the case, but producing frequent content online can help generate more attention and awareness for your business by effectively portraying the moving parts that go into operations, sales, marketing, the industry and your business day in and day out. Content marketing can become a cheaper form of lead generation and branding!
Who is Content Marketing For?
Content marketing should be done by every business! With the frequent production of content the population can become aware of who you are, what you do and how they can be served by your business. Content marketing yields the best results when performed with long term frequency, while building brand awareness and generating traction during campaigns.
What Are The Benefits of Content Marketing?
Content marketing is mostly formulated with work. Without paying to puch the content, this can be done to enhance the growht of your busienss over the long term which provides results like, improved seo ranking, lower cost of leads, brand awareness, brand authority and much more!
How We Perform Content Marketing
In order to create a thorough content strategy we need to understand your business goals and daily operations. We truly believe in the value of organic content, so making content sound like it's coming right from the business owner is our main goal!
We create a transparent and easy to understand file that is shared with the content coordinators at Mass Inbound and the marketing specialist within your business, this allows everyone to remain on the same page along the process.
Content Copy
The content copy will alter depending on the goals of the particular post. Maybe the post is about education so it will be an in depth description or possibly about a product to peak potential interest by online viewers. This will be depicted as we create a strategy.
Content Creative
Much like the copy, the creative will alter depending on the main goal of the the businesses content strategy. In all, we want to use as much organic content as possible! We have testing intensely on this topic and studies show that people really do like to see your business!
Based on industry standards we will create a definitive content schedule that pushes content into the world on a frequent basis. We did say that frequency with content marketing is the number one factor!
We measure nearly everything at Mass Inbound... seriously! With that said, we want to track the natural progression of the content over time to gauge what he community may like or dislike!
base on the content strategy, building, scheduling, and measuring we optimize the future content marketing tactics to align with the best methods to further the growth of your business! Let us do the heavy lifting for you!
What Makes Our Strategies Unique?
Content marketing is often missed by small business and we want to help change that! We make it simple to stay on track with what's happening in your content strategy by building a customized folder that you can view with copy, creative, and the full content schedule at your finger tips! Let us help you provide the marketing with content that helps them understand who you are and what you do!
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