JnJ Pools

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The Overview

JnJ Pools is a licensed, bonded & insured contractor servicing Las Vegas, NV. We’ve been a local family owned and operated business offering quality swimming pool and spa services. Striving to provide our customers with reliable and consistent service. Our goal is to make our clients lives easier, so they can enjoy their pool and not worry about working on it.

JnJ Pools is always ready to help you and answer your questions, plus we give you everything you need to help you enjoy hot summer days alongside your pool. If you need assistance with pool cleaning, repairs, maintenance, or installations, you can trust our pool professionals to help you.

The Challenge

JnJ Pools wanted to create a whole new redesign from there previous website to a more modern and user friendly design. They needed a website to showcase there services and go into detail with content/images and show the process of there services. JnJ Pools wants pages that touched on who they are as a company as well as reviews to show how happy there clients are with there service. Lastly, JnJ Pools wanted a blog as well as a contact page with all there information for current and future clients to stay in the loop or reach them in case of any emergency or questions regarding there swimming pool.

The Solution

In the end, Mass Inbound and there website development team design a modern website that was user friendly and easy to navigate. We highlighted there main services with detailed individual pages with content and imaging. We then integrated a reviews page and about us to showcase who they are as a company and how happy there clients are for choosing JnJ Pools. Lastly, we added a blog and contact page for customers to stay in the loop with any pool tips or questions they may have about there swimming pool. All in all, JnJ Pools was happy with there new website and glad they can push new leads on a more modern platform.

If you want to view the website design and development click the link below!

Our Case Studies

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