Dr.G Medspa

Dec 19, 2018

The Overview

Dr. G Med spa is a med spa located in Boca Raton, FL that is a leader in Botox and Fillers. Some services she offers is Botox, Fillers and Non-Invasive. She has been board certified for over 30 years and has done 20,000+ treatments. Dr. G has been working in the Aesthetic and Dermatology field for over 15 years. She owned a medical spa in Los Angeles for 12 years and worked at Beverly Hills Dermatology where she specialized in dermal fillers and other non-surgical procedures. She has now become one of the most sought out injectors across the country.

The Challenge

Dr. G Med spa had grown and needed a complete redesign of their previous website. The client realized that it was time to embrace marketing and brand building through a new, updated website. They wanted to attract larger clients and needed to present a more polished, professional image to web visitors. The client wanted their three key product lines to be displayed on their website in a way that shows their distinct qualities and uses. They also wanted there Instagram feed linked to stay up to date with any new posts. This new website was an area for future clients to book appointments online without having to go to the store during these troubling times.

The Solution

Mass Inbound created a new website that uses engaging images with animated text that goes into great detail about each and every service they have to offer. We created a new system for there viewers to book an appointment so its easy for not only the users but Dr. G Med spa as well. We linked there Instagram feed to there website so users can view the latest posts and stay up to date with what’s going on. Mass Inbound developed a website that delivers the modern, professional image Dr. G Med spa wanted and meets the client’s goal of a user friendly environment.

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