Witchita Hot tub


Wichita Hot Tub is a retailer for Dimension One Spas (D1). Dimension One Spas® (D1®), founded in 1977, has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot tubs. D1® is the leading manufacturer of award-winning hot tubs and home to the world’s first curvilinear spa. With more than 40 years of experience, the company’s four product lines and patented features offer a higher class of design, performance and value that meet a variety of consumer needs. 


Wichita Hot Tub did not have a previous website and wanted a design that was modern and very user friendly. They didn’t want there viewers to be able to order hot tubs right from there site but instead be able to gather as much information about the desired tub and contact them for possible purchase. They wanted an easy to use store that broke down the hot tubs in multiple categories including, hot tub size, price and series. 


Within a month, we designed, developed, and launched a modern website for Wichita Hot Tub featuring products broken down to there desired categories, contact forms throughout the site for proper communication, and an abundance of information regarding there hot tubs. This website has boosted there sales and traffic to their store.

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Wichita Hot Tub Website Design

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