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Pulsar Health is a one stop shop for all beauty and health needs. They design a specific individual health and beauty plan based on your needs and wants. In house they have many of the best in new and established technologies chosen specifically for their safety and effectiveness. We not only treat conditions as well as recommend prevention tools, the program includes home care habits to give you maximal results.

There goal is to have you be as healthy and beautiful as possible to live your best life.


The new updated website design that Pulsar Health was looking for was a modern look, a user-friendly flow, and to serve as a storytelling tool for the Pulsar Health brand. 

They wanted the website to showcase everything they have to offer from: Medspa, Wellness, Plastic Surgery, and beauty supplies. Additionally, they wanted a website where viewers can book online and set up there appointments as easily as possible.


We broke this project up into different phases allowing us to stay on task and complete the project in a timely manner. We redesigned the entire website and theme to fit there needs and made sure it was user friendly for all visitors. Additionally we upgraded the SEO performance to target their audience more efficiently and helped track visitors traffic. Pulsar Health has a lot to look forward to as their new website is used by more and more current and potential customers. We are expecting Pulsar Health to enjoy an increase in sales, exposure to new customers and markets, as well as increased conversion rates.

If you want to view there website design click the link below to explore!


Pulsar Health Website Design

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