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What is Inbound Design?

Inbound Design is a management subscription service for past, current and future mass inbound clientele that allows you to access various design and coding skills and a dedicated project manager at a flat monthly rate.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

  1. Go to our landing page and select the plan that works best for you.
  2. Click the ‘Choose Plan’ button.
  3. Complete checkout.
  4. Fill out the onboarding questionnaire and request your first task or project.
  5. Book a kick-off meeting with our team.

We will create your task board in Asana within 24 hours, invite you and your team members, and get started on your first request within 48-72 hours.

How does the onboarding process work?

Once you complete your checkout process on our website, you will be asked to fill out an onboarding questionnaire so that we can learn more about your business and preferences.

After we receive your submission, it usually takes a few hours until we send you an onboarding email with a link to your

  1. Asana board
  2. Request form
  1. Shared G Drive folder (for all deliverables and shared files)

You can get started immediately and send us your first couple of requests through your unique request form. Your project manager will check the requirements and delegate the request with the highest priority to a suitable talent.

We usually get started within 48–72 hours and update you about completed tasks or send a progress update the following day.

Note: We also recommend booking a quick kick-off meeting to discuss any open questions and make sure you get the most out of the service. However, the meeting is not required for us to start working on your tasks and projects.

How do I request a new task or project?

During your onboarding, we will send you a link to your unique request form connected to your Asana board. Every time you have a task or project to delegate, you can fill out the form, and your project manager gets a notification.

Ideally, you fill up the task queue with multiple tasks with different priority statuses so we can grab the next request when we are done or stuck with another one to avoid wasting time.

You will see all requests on your task board in Asana, which will look like this:

How can I book a call with your team to learn more?

You can book a free discovery call with our team here: On this call, we discuss your unique business goals & needs.


Do I communicate directly with the designer or developer?

We will give you a dedicated project manager who will take over all the communication and act as the middle man/woman between you and the talent.

This way, we can respond faster to your questions and have one person who understands your business and preferences and can brief new talents when you need them without repeating yourself.

How do I communicate with my project manager?

You will communicate with your project manager via your Asana board within the task comments. In this way, we keep the conversation organized and know what task you are referring to. 

Based on our experience working with companies worldwide, we highly recommend using screen-recording videos and image annotation instead of simple text messages. It will help you spend less time on briefing and feedback while making it 10x easier for us to understand your thought process.  

The free tools we recommend are:

What platform do you use to manage the tasks & projects?

We use Asana to project manage all your requests and update you about any updates.

Once you sign up with Inbound Design, we will create a task board for you and send you an invite. Asana is free to use but requires an account. If you already use Asana within your company, you can easily switch between our workspaces by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner.

How do I approve the work and give feedback?

The best way to approve a task is by commenting under an update with ‘APPROVED.’ It is as simple as that. 😄

Regarding feedback and sharing additional ideas, we prefer screen-recording videos and image annotation instead of simple text messages. It will help you spend less time on briefing and feedback, while making it 10x easier for us to understand your thought process.  

Could we get on daily meeting calls with our project manager?

At Inbound Design, we have rigorous processes and workflows to serve all our clients in the best possible way.

Generally, we work in daily sprints. That means your project manager prepares the tasks for the next day based on the current project stage and your feedback. Our project managers do that for multiple client accounts and usually don’t have time to get on spontaneous calls.

However, we noticed over the years that 95% of client meetings can be replaced by a Loom or Bubbles screen-recording video. We can then also share the video with multiple team members if necessary and can ensure that no information is lost. 

If you want to discuss a project in more detail, you can always book a call with your customer relationship manager, who you meet during the onboarding and who will always be there for your assistance.

Scope of Work

What kind of tasks and projects can I request?

We distinguish requests between tasks and projects.

task is a simple piece of work that can be done within one working session or in a few days. E.g., creating a landing page design concept or fixing a website issue.

project is everything that requires planning and multiple working steps and can not be completed in a few days. E.g., redesigning a website with multiple pages or developing a no-code app.

Below is the complete list of tasks and projects you can request as part of your subscription.

Please keep in mind that the mentioned turnaround time is a basic estimate. Some tasks could take only an hour, and we complete a few of your requests in the task queue within one day, but we usually only send you one daily update report at the end of every working day.

For design concepts, the average turnaround time represents the time we need for the first draft. If you have revision requests, completing these will take another day.

See the complete list of task and project you can delegate.

Style of Work

Do you work in my time zone?

Most of our talents are based in the United States and work during their business hours. 

Our project managers work during the Eastern Time Zone.

How do you ensure my site is not getting hacked while working on it?

Here is our list for keeping your site safe:

  • Back up the website while it’s in its best working state.
  • Change /wp-admin to another slug.
  • Check custom fonts are set to HTTPS as well in Elementor Custom Fonts.
  • Install Wordfence plus the add-on, Login Security
  • Limit login attempts to 3 (Brute force protection tab – Wordfence).
  • Generate and install reCaptcha V3 on all forms and input fields.
  • Install the Disable Comments plugin.
  • Turn off comments everywhere.
  • If comments are essential, mandate that all comments are to be accepted manually.
  • Disable Avatars.
  • Limit and identify needed file types only.
  • Check all links are set to HTTPS protocol on ALL PAGES! Do not launch with mixed content.
  • Do a final scan to check if there are still vulnerabilities if the domain checks out on Web Trust platforms.
  • See if the website checks out with Google Safe Browsing
  • Add the site to Google Search Console if possible.


What does the maintenance include?

The maintenance includes all kinds of tasks that are necessary to keep a website up to date, like: 

  • Fixing Website Bugs
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Audit
  • Security Implementation
  • Implementing Website with 3rd Party Tool
  • Website Content Update
  • Adding New Blog Post
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Site Backup
  • Broken Links and 404 Errors Check
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Facebook Pixel Setup
  • Payment Integration
  • Forms Check
  • Cross-Browser Checks
  • Domain and SSL Expiration Review
  • Fixing Hosting Issues
  • Site Migration
  • DNS Setup