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At some point, a good percentage of Home Service business owners have gone through the process of finding and hiring a digital marketing agency to spearhead their marketing efforts. While there are plenty of agencies out there that can do a great job, there are also plenty of “pain points” that clients often run into. Here are the most common ones.

What Home Service Clients Expect

We have a lot of experience working with Home Service clients and we have heard a lot of negative feedback when it comes to them hiring other agencies for their lead generation efforts. Whatever the case may be, we have learned that Home Service clients appreciate open and consistent communication. We want our clients to relax knowing that their account is being managed with their best interests in mind.

On the other hand, we also understand that when a client is blindsided by surprise developments or lack of updates from their marketing agency, it creates uncertainty and sometimes even distrust. We demonstrate respect for our client’s time by providing timely and regular updates about the status of their account, which helps build strong relationships with our clients.

Furthermore, we thoroughly research our client’s competitors so we can understand and indicate current marketing trends that may not be working so we can reassess and develop a new marketing approach to their campaigns. This allows us to fully communicate to our clients that a new approach may be needed to generate more qualified leads for their business.

Where Some Digital Marketing Agencies Go Wrong

As a seasoned digital marketing agency, we recognize how important it is for us to drive better leads for increased profits to our Home Service clients. Agencies often fail to fully understand their client’s target audience needs, which can lead to ineffective campaigns. At Mass Inbound, we are proactive in analyzing our client’s target audience so we can creatively and effectively write converting copy that talks directly to their ideal candidate. In addition, per our analysis, we are able to create creatives that appeal to their target audience and develop amazing video content that resonates with their clientele for successful lead generation campaigns.

While we know what Home Service clients expect and where some Digital Marketing agencies go wrong, we want to inform you of the 7 common pain points Home Service Business owners have with Digital Marketing Agencies:
The agency has too many clients. Clients have expressed this frustration with us in the past. We are proud to say we only take on clients we know we can generate results for. For us, it’s about the “quality of clients” more than the “quantity”. Growth at any cost means some agencies sell, sell, sell, even if it’s not the right fit.

The agency does not provide regular reports: Agency employees can become overwhelmed with their workload and forget to report project status updates to clients. Without regular reports, the client may feel as if nothing is being done on their project. It is important for agencies to provide consistent communication and transparency in order to show that progress is being made.

They do not typically suggest new ideas: Clients expect agencies to use their experience and expertise when working on their accounts. Clients become frustrated when they have to constantly push the agency into action. Agencies should proactively propose new steps or ideas in order to meet client expectations. We often provide “new” innovative ways to market your Home Service business and will analyze if it’s a good time to test a new marketing strategy per your marketing budget.

Clients are displeased when agencies do not take responsibility for their mistakes: Agencies should recognize and accept accountability for errors in order to maintain client satisfaction. By owning up to their missteps, agencies can demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability to clients. At Mass Inbund, we strive for perfection, however, we are not perfect. We are transparent in all of our marketing efforts and the rare chance we miss something, we will own up to it creating an immediate solution. Our team is working 7 days a week to make sure our efforts are running smoothly.

Clients hate when agencies lack industry expertease: Clients are unhappy when agencies lack knowledge of their industry. Agencies must have a thorough understanding of the client’s sector in order to meet expectations. Without appropriate expertise, clients may feel let down by an agency’s services. We consistently study our client’s target audience, buyer persona, industry, products and services so we can always stay ahead of their competition.

Clients express dissatisfaction when agencies fail to remember important details of the project: Agencies must ensure that all aspects of the project are taken into account in order to maintain client satisfaction. Understanding and respecting each detail is essential for successful completion of projects. The client pays an agency to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, so attention to detail is paramount.

Clients are dissatisfied when agencies fail to keep their promises. It may happen that during a conversation the client asks for something or agrees upon something and it gets forgotten. Even if it’s a simple change in one banner or one word in your ads, forgetting about it can lead to dissatisfied clients. We have processes and systems in place to minimize anything like this happening on our watch!

Thus, both clients and agencies want to have a successful relationship with each other. This post discussed 7 common pain points Home Service Business owners have with Digital Marketing Agencies. We take the necessary steps to ensure client satisfaction, such as covering all of the above points mentioned in this blog post. If you own a Home Service business and you got tremendous value from reading our blog post, schedule a FREE Home Service Digital Marketing consultation so we can understand your business needs, wants and wishes.

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